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What does 52% mean to you?

  • A symbol illustrating my involvement in the conservative movement.
  • A representation of my moral values.
  • The retention of the Republican Presidency in 2004.
  • The percentage of the popular vote received by Pres. Bush in 2004
  • Republican control of both the House and the Senate

You Decide!

Republicans across the 50 states made their voices heard in 2004, defining our country's core. Never in our nation's history have we had such an important election. Given that the results of that election were so critical to the future of our nation, conservative voter turnout had to be monumental.

You stood up and made your voices heard. Now is not the time to relax. Medical Malpractice, Tax Reform, The Right to Life & the War on Terror and in Iraq will keep this battle raging. The taxing, spending, appeasing liberal United Nations-loving minority in this country should be reminded that we are "A Clear Majority,” and plan on changing the face of this country.

We have commemorated this immense achievement by designing an exclusive 52% bumper sticker, as seen on the top and bottom of this page. For a limited time, you can receive this bumper sticker free of charge. (Since all evil conservatives have more than one vehicle, and one is surely a gas-guzzling SUV, let us know if you need more than one). Simply fill in the fields below.


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