Computer Medix now offers data recovery services for the following items:

  • Hard Disk (Desktop & Laptop)
  • RAID
  • USB Drive
  • MAC
  • iPod
  • Memory Card
  • Tape
  • Removable Drive
  • CD/DVD

Supported Data Loss Situations:

  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Formatted Drives
  • Clicking Sound
  • Mishandling of drive or computer due to shock or dropping
  • Virus Attacks
  • Human errors comprising of accidental deletion of data
  • Lost or missing partitions
  • Unable to mount or execute data
  • Corrupt data
  • Natural Disasters
  • Platter contamination and damages
  • Blue Screen of Death

One major benefit to using Computer Medix over other data recovery centers is that you will be told what can be recovered and how much it will cost, before any recovery takes place. If nothing can be recovered, or you choose not to have your data recovered, you don't pay.

If we cannot recover your data due to a total mechanical failure, our partner, Seagate Recovery Services specializes in this area and may still be able to recover your files.

You may submit your data recovery directly online by filling out the Data Recovery Form

*** If you ever have a need for recovery, immediately stop using the drive / computer in question and bring it in immediately. Writing additional files to a drive, lessens the likelyhood successful recovery.


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